Supply chain alternative 2000 x 433

Management Fee 300 x 215

NEW All-inclusive Management Fee

Our innovative Banner Management Fee model is an all-inclusive agreement tailored to the needs of your business at an agreed monthly cost.  

Designed to offer contract flexibility, cost control and eliminate leakage, this all-inclusive model enables end users to purchase whatever they need to ensure the smooth running of their workplace.

Banner offer this model across all procurement streams.

The process

ANALYSIS 300x215

In-depth analysis of spend


A detailed analysis of all spend, whether via procurement processes or other means.


Optimise and quantify



Optimise cost of goods and identify number of employees to be serviced. Calculate the managed fee based on current requirements, demonstrating tangible savings.

Simplify 300 x 215

Contract simplicity


An all-inclusive contract that centralises budgets, controls costs and eliminates leakage whilst flexing with the requirements of your business.


Banner guarantee to sell you less. Learn more about our other service models below:

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