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OMB_LR 300 x 215

Open book model

Our innovative open book procurement model is an open and honest way of doing business with our customers. Providing full cost visibility, including the fixed amount of contribution that is made from the contract.

This refreshingly honest way of doing business enables us to partner with our customers, aligning Banner with their procurement strategy and building in additional procurement streams into the contract.

The process

Analysis 300 x 215

In-depth analysis of spend


Full analysis of all spend whether via procurement processes or other means.

Clarity 300 x 215

Full and auditable contract transparency


Banner demonstrates the true cost of servicing your account from the cost of storing a product through to the cost of credit.

Reduce 300 x 215

Reduce spend


Full visibility of all the costs and spend within your contract, enabling you to make informed decisions about your procurement strategy.




Banner guarantees to sell you less. Learn more about our other service models below:

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Management Fee 160 x 115