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Keep the Wolf away

keep the Wolf away 

Security is high on all organisation’s agendas, with regular news stories about hacking and security breaches, as well as the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force later this year.

Companies are familiar with the many ways that hackers can infiltrate their technology. From viruses and malware to breaches of confidential data, and identity theft and the security risks from connecting to a networked device.

According to Vikrant Batra, Global Head of Marketing for HP Printing & Imaging: "There are hundreds of millions of business printers in the world and less than 2% are secure. Everyone knows that a PC can be hacked, but not a printer. Hackers can pull data from a printer’s hard drive or get access to a company’s network. Or more simply, how many times have you walked past a printer and seen print-outs containing sensitive information just sitting there?”

Meet The Wolf

The Wolf is a series of short films from HP Studios starring award-winning actor Christian Slater, which highlights how corporate networks can be hacked and what customers must do to protect themselves.

Watch The Wolf in action here.

Vulnerabilities exposed

‘The Wolf’ systematically infiltrates a company through vulnerabilities in unprotected printers and PCs. Starting in the mailroom and moving up to the executive boardroom, he breaches a fictional company’s sensitive data via an abandoned print-out, the printer interface and even through an innocently downloaded gift certificate.

The Wolf highlights a series of vulnerabilities including:

  • Unlocked PCs when a user walks away

  • Documents abandoned in output trays that may expose sensitive information

  • Users not recognising suspicious emails or print files

  • Printer Wi-Fi or Bluetooth open without requiring authentication

  • Printer USB port not requiring authentication to use

  • Data files not encrypted

  • Printers and PCs without malware protection

How can you protect against similar attacks?

Protect identity: Use multi-factor authentication to grant access.

Protect the data: Turn off Wi-Fi/Bluetooth or require authentication by applying a mobile authentication and encryption solution. Apply a printer authentication and encryption solution. Close unused ports or control access with user controls.

Protect the device: Upgrade to printers with malware protection to automatically detect, stop and recover from an attack without IT intervention.

Protect the document: Deploy a pull print solution to hold a print job until the user has authenticated themselves at the printer.

With Banner you can help protect your devices, data, identities and documents with security solutions from HP.

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