That's right: we want to sell you less. That's why we're currently promoting our services under the Banner headline: Enjoy the Gap.

The gap we're talking about is the gap we can open up between what clients are used to spending on office supplies and what they are likely to end up paying thanks to Banner.

The cost savings can be vast as we aim to demonstrate to all our new clients. In fact, you'll be extremely pleased to learn how much we could cut from your procurement budget.

Take as just one example the savings we achieved for one well-known high street bank, where we slashed over £5.9 million from their spend on office supplies.

We helped this bank cut their procurement costs by:

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  Reducing stock holding levels

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  Reviewing branch network consumables

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  Restricting electronic trading activity

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  Rationalising the range of supplies

That all adds up to a very attractive gap: £5.9 million.

To find out more, simply get in touch and we'll set you on the path to saving money in a big way.